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It Works Preventage


Start the day fighting the signs of time with this moisturizing cream gel. PreventAge helps to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun exposure and environmental pollutants with its soothing blend of beautifying botanicals and vitamins.


  • Lessens the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps to counter the damaging effects of solar rays and pollutants
  • Softens and soothes skin with beautifying botanicals and vitamins
  • Team with Cleanser, Toner, and RepairAge™ for a skin-renewing regimen

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It Works Toner


Refresh, restore, and rebalance your skin to its natural pH level with this ultra-light, hydrating toner. This alcohol-free, botanically based formula soothes and softens without stripping skin of its essential moisture while minimizing the appearance of pores and improving your skin tone and texture.

  • Rebalances skin to its natural pH level
  • Tightens and lessens the appearance of pores
  • Hydrates and nourishes skin with beautifying botanicals
  • Reduces the sting of sunburn, bug bites, and other minor irritations

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It Works Facial Cleanser


Wash the day away with the beautifying botanicals of this soap-free, clean-rinsing gel. Cleanser gently removes all oil, dirt, and makeup (even waterproof mascara!) without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. The clean-rinsing lather leaves your skin squeaky clean and silky smooth. It’s even ideal for shaving!


  • Removes all oil, dirt, and makeup—even waterproof mascara!
  • Clean-rinsing lather leaves skin soft and silky smooth
  • Beautifying botanicals gently cleanse without drying
  • Formulated for all skin types
  • Pair with the Facial to maximize your results!

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How I Cleared Up My Skin In 10 Easy Steps


Years ago, I started experiencing breakouts and was determined to heal myself naturally from the inside out. I completely cured myself and have never had any problems since. In addition to curing myself, I have helped dozens of women improve their complexions through these simple dietary-based recommendations.

1. Try an elimination diet.

Often we need to first cut out foods that are hard to digest. Therefore, doing an elimination diet is a very beneficial idea. Try cutting out gluten and dairy products for two weeks and see how you feel and look.

2. Stop eating refined sugar and limit healthy sugars.

Sugar not only depletes minerals and vitamins from our system, but it also ages us, can cause disease, depression, hormone imbalance, weight gain and yes acne.

3. Cut out all processed foods.

It’s completely unnatural (and next to impossible) for your body to successfully digest a food-like product that is man-made.

4. Start combining your foods properly.

Try to stop pairing starches and proteins together at meals for a start.

5. Detox your life with greens.

Dark, leafy ones. Detoxification is key to weight loss and healthy, glowing skin. Add in as many dark, leafy greens per day as possible.

6. Start eating for beauty.

Choose foods that are whole, natural and colorful so you are digesting lots of vitamins and minerals.

7. Add fermented foods.

Not everyone likes the flavor, but hopefully we can find something you do like. Try raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar in salad dressing, or opt for sauerkraut and coconut yogurt. Getting that healthy bacteria into your gut it extremely healing for your skin.

8. Start drinking warm water with ½ the juice of fresh lemon first thing in the morning.

This will help you detox, support your immune system and help create digestive enzymes.

9. Stop drinking caffeinated beverages.

We need to take extra good care of our liver and this gets in the way of that process. We also need to take control of our hormones. Caffeine releases cortisol (stress hormone) into our system, which could be causing those breakouts.

10. Respect yourself.

Being kind to yourself can literally heal you physically from the inside out. From now on speak to yourself only in the same way you would to your best friend or child—aloud and to yourself.

How Does It Work? It Works Body Applicat

How Does It Work?

It Works Body Applicators tone, tighten and firm in 45 minutes. The truth is that while YES, the 45 minutes is hugely important, the product actually remains in your system for 3 days and continues to work well after you have removed the applicator.

The number one question I get asked daily from men and women all over the world is…How does it work?

I hope this picture helps give you and idea.

Okay, see those squiggly things in the fat cell? When you have a successful detox, it will help to purge that out of there. Therefore the fat cells are smaller and so are you. Some people have LOTS of toxins (squiggly things) therefore see even better results.

Having said that, bare in mind that just because the fat cell is smaller does not mean it is GONE. If you begin an unhealthy diet, the squiggly things will come back.

In order for the body applicator process to work you must drink lots of water for 3 days after you use the wrap.

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Let the Wrap Be Your Motivator Often tim

68812_313280648786073_582699547_nLet the Wrap Be Your Motivator

Often times we need some sort of motivation to kick our butts in to healthy gear. It Works body wrapping is not a miracle. Think of it as your motivator. If you achieve the best results and lose inches after 3-4 applications, wouldn’t that motivate you to keep them off and even to continue using the target wraps while you begin creating new habits and living a healthier lifestyle? There is nothing better than grabbing any pair of jeans out of your closet and having them fit on the first try. (Without laying down.) That right there can be a huge motivator to keep the inches off.

If you are overweight, you are not alone. Sixty-six percent of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Achieving a healthy weight can help you control your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. It might also help you prevent weight-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and some cancers.

Eating too much or not being physically active enough will make you overweight. To maintain your weight, the calories you eat must equal the energy you burn. To lose weight, you must use more calories than you eat. A weight-control strategy combined with 30 minutes to an hour of walking or any other form of exercise will help keep the inches off.

Choose a Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Meal

Even if you eat out a lot you can still do this. Order a burrito…ditch the tortilla and put it in a bowl. Craving a burger? Fine, but ditch the fries. There are ways to reduce your caloric intake and not suffer too much.

Eat Smaller Portions

Restaurants today serve up meals that should be able to feed a family of four. It is ridiculous sometimes how big the portions are. That is a pet peeve of mine, but a good way to eat less is to order half of it to go from the start. Ask the waiter to save it for you until you are ready to leave. Once you’ve paid your check you are less likely to sit there and pick at the other half of your lunch.

Drinking Water Instead of Sugary Drinks

Soda is so bad for you. Diet soda is just as bad. All I can say about this is don’t drink it. Try other things that have good flavor like iced teas or natural juices, but even those may contain a lot of sugar. Really…water is the best thing for you and in order to achieve the best detox results you need to drink LOTS of it.

Being Physically Active

Whether you are walking around the block or running marathons, get off yer bottom and do some exercise. You have to start somewhere. #arthritis #cancer #cholesterol #diabetes #dieting #health #heart disease #nutrition #obesity #overweight #physical exercise #weightloss

For more information on It Works Body Wraps including videos and how it works click here or call 866-677-6843 to find out how to receive a free wrap with your order.

Don’t Let This Be You

Don’t Let This Be You

While some might consider the experience of a full style body wrap as relaxing, many would dread the thought and consider it constricting and claustrophobic. I am of the latter. I have actually had a “full” body wrap many years ago. The idea was simple. Wrap me up so much that I will sweat the water out and then be skinnier. At the time that was fine. It was exactly what I wanted. I had an event to go to and the wrap did help me shrink down. The thing was that two days later all that I had lost was back. That was a bummer considering I had paid over $100 for the service not including the tip.

Target body wrapping is a much more happy process. You can basically choose where you want the wrap to go. Maybe you want your legs or arms? Whatever it is you can choose. The wrap is usually no bigger than two feet long so depending on where you want to put it, you might be able to cut it down to the size you need.

With a It Works body wrap you aren’t supposed to sweat the water out. You are supposed to absorb the product in to your body to begin flushing toxins from your fat cells and hopefully shrinking up. It’s true that using Saran wrap to keep the applicator in place is suggested, but don’t wrap tightly. You do not want to sweat. However, it does help if your pores are opened up, so try laying a hot towel over the area for a few minutes before you apply the applicator.

Is it permanent? In the sense that you won’t gain it back two days later, yes. It’s not a water loss. It is as permanent as any other weight loss method. If you where to lose five pounds from dieting it’s only as permanent as you let it be. Same with target wrapping.

Many salons offer It Works body wraps or you can also buy them for use in the privacy of your own home.

A few things to remember about It Works Body Wraps:

You must drink lots of water to get the best results and cleanse your body.
Most are a one time use.
Many have a time and use limit as to how many you can use at a time and how often.
They are typically cheaper than traditional full body wraps.
They key is to get the product “in” to your system, not sweat anything out.
Most result in inch loss not necessarily weight loss right away.

For more information on It Works Body Wraps including videos and how it works click here or call 866-677-6843 to find out how to receive a free wrap with your order.