The Ultimate Body Applicator!

Host a Wrap Party

it works party

THAT’S RIGHT!  When you host your own Wrap Party with 5 or more guest you will get your first wrap FREE!

Having your own Wrap Party is easy.  Just call, text, email, Facebook your friends and you’re set!  Light snacks and water are recommended.

Here are some Party Ideas!
Girls Night In
Bridal Shower
Bacherlorette Party
Birthday Party

And because Men like to be Wrapped too!
Poker Night
couples Night
Football/Hockey Night /Baseball


Here are a few things to tell your Guests:

Wraps are $25 each
They can Wrap their Tummies, Arms, Legs, Butt, Back & Neck!
They can Wrap more than one area if they wish.
The area they want Wrapped should be free from lotion and perfume.  A hot shower before Wrapping is great!  Exfoliate the area during shower and do not use soap.
Wrapping will be done privately if requested.
Before and After pictures are recommended (Guest should use their own cell phone for picture taking).
Light snacks will be served!

Contact Me Today to Book Your Party!


YES, I do “Web Wrap Parties”


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